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John Cruz - Personal Trainer

My journey began with me fighting my own weight loss battle, and through a lot of sweat and many trials and errors, I succeeded!  I reached my own personal body and lifestyle transformation goals that I had set for myself.   Through my struggles and transformation, I discovered that I wanted to help others on their journey.  My success in my own battle gave me the courage and the drive to obtain my personal training certificate so that I could begin helping others achieve their goals in body and lifestyle transformation.

I perform extensive research and apply my own knowledge and experience to assist each client in reaching their goals safely.  Physical fitness is not a quick fix – it is a lifestyle change in which you must create new habits and learn to successfully stick to those habits and retrain your body and brain in order to reach your desired goals.  I make myself available for my clients to answer any questions they may have, as well as to share the information that I find during my research in order to ensure they have a successful physical fitness journey.

I enjoy seeing the success stories play out before my eyes when my clients reach their desired goals.  Having lived the journey myself, I have compassion for anyone who is beginning that journey, and a passion to help my clients be successful in their new body and lifestyle transformation.      

Chantal Randtke - NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Chantal has always had a spirited passion for being active. She participated in various sports as a young adult, often competing nationally. As her journey through college, marriage, career and having a family continued she gradually slipped away from her own identity into someone unrecognizable: lost, confused, irritable, depressed, and overwhelmed.

From her trials, she grew a desire to overcome obstacles, build resilience, and increase our understanding of the complex female physiology to help women stand in their power! With practice and study, she has developed a desire to help busy women take their habits from average and stressful to EFFECTIVE and CENTERED! She believes that physical strength will get you to the starting line, but it's mental strength that propels you to the finish.

She marries her passion to teach women how to love their bodies and empower their lives with her intense desire to progress our mental and spiritual health. Originally from Lawrence, KS, Chantal now resides in Raleigh, NC with her two young boys.